Shocking video shows police dog lock its jaws around man’s face in vicious attack – after he surrenders

WARNING: Graphic content. Martin Lee Hoogveldt is suing police in West Jordan, Utah, who claim the video only shows one aspect of the incident

A video filmed by police has captured the moment a force dog attacked a suspect, locking its jaws around the man’s face after he had surrendered.

Martin Lee Hoogveldt was left screaming and bloodied after the German shepherd launched itself at him during the incident just south of Salt Lake City, Utah.

The 33-year-old is now suing police in West Jordan – specifically officer Ian Adams – alleging illegal entry and excessive force.

After surrounding the house, body camera footage shows Adams entering the property and walking into the room containing Hoogveldt, who is sat on a sofa.

Two officers had their guns pointed at him, while the one at his door had a German shepherd on a leash.

The officer asks him to “stand up slowly” a number of times, and then threatens to send over the dog if he refuses.

The suspect raises both his hands, but does not move from his seat, saying he was “just in shock the whole time”.

He added: “I did nothing but try to make it easy for them. I thought I would not be a threat sitting down.”

Footage then shows the German shepherd, Pyro, grabbing Hoogveldt, and ripping and tearing at his face for several seconds.

He is then dragged from the sofa to the floor, where he claims the police used Tasers on him and the dog bit him a further time on the buttocks.

Shocking footage of dog biting man's face
Injuries: The suspect raised both his hands, but did not move from his seat

The footage was played at a conference hosted by Hoogveldt’s attorney, who then filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Police in West Jordan claim the video only shows one aspect of the incident, and that Hoogveldt resisted arrest.

Officers were called on March 24, 2013, on a disturbing-the-peace complaint.

It is reported Hoogveldt had been burning a Christmas tree in a bin in his backyard.

The complaint reads: “Hoogveldt was afraid to move for fear that he would be shot by the two officers holding guns on him.”

Hoogveldt’s legal representaive, Bob Sykes estimated they used Tasers on him three to four times.


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