Police ‘Interrupt’ Shameless Couple Having Sex In A Public Park

Police ‘Interrupt’ Shameless Couple Having Sex In A Public Park

Why don’t we save the lovemaking for indoors, yes?

A couple in a park in Argentina were apparently so turned on by the outdoors that they couldn’t wait to get back inside and just decided to have sex right then and there. And it’s pretty clear that they did not give a damn because they decided to do this right next to a busy road.

The couple was being filmed going at it by someone, and they had no intention of stopping their sex session. Well, that is until the police drives up and stops the whole damn thing.

The video was shared on LiveLeak with the amazing title of “Police cock block.” You know, because this is a common occurrence.


Now we don’t see what happens next but we are going to assume that the couple was put into handcuffs. Which isn’t all bad if that’s what they are into.


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