Police Investigating Florida Woman Who Recorded Herself Having Sex In Court House

During business hours, while waiting to get her charges on the court house bench! Madness… AND SHE WENT ON TO BRAG ABOUT IT ON TWITTER!


Before you say — “bullshit where is the proof” BAM:

Here are some of the details of what went down, I also have the news station video embedded below:

According to ActionJax News: A woman’s story of sex at the Duval County Courthouse has generated headlines around the world after the tale went viral.

Courthouse administrators confirmed a graphic video of the sex act posted to social media took place in the hallway during business hours.

A woman admitted she performed sex acts in the courthouse and posted the video on Twitter.

A source told Action News Jax the other person in the video may work at the courthouse. Officials said the person is not a courthouse administration employee but may be part of courthouse security.

The woman who sent the tweet with the video attached said, “Just found a way to get out of trouble.”

She posted to social media about the video, saying “that damn tongue got me in trouble again lol.”


I was going to take the time to edit down the NSFW version of the video for you guys, but above what you saw in that YouTube video would have been about what I could show. It is pretty graphic right from the jump. I won’t link to the actual porn video (since I am still confused on pornlaws) but I will jump start the searches for those of you who want the source. Search ‘@KissyDenise’ on Twitter. Do a little scrolling. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

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