Police Launch Missing Person Investigation 35 Years After Woman Vanished


Police have reopened an investigation into a missing woman after the baby she disappeared with was found safe 35 years later – without her mum.

Denise Beaudin was last seen by her family 35 years ago after she left her home with her boyfriend Robert Evans and their child.

But the baby, who is now a 35-year-old, turned up safe and well this month.

This has led to police opening a criminal investigation into the disappearance of Denise, who was 23 years old at the time in 1981.

She left their home in New Hampshire in the US on Thanksgiving and when family came two days later to see her, they found their house empty.

Her family didn’t contact police as they assumed she had fled to avoid money troubles with her boyfriend Robert, who was 37 at the time.

Robert Evans around the time they fled (Photo: N.H. State Police)

Jeffery Strelzin, senior assistant attorney general and chief of the homicide unit in Manchester, NH, said that they are now looking into her disappearance after her daughter resurfaced.

He said of the daughter: “We know where she is, we’ve identified her, she’s alive and well.

“She doesn’t want her identity released at this time, but she’s OK.”

He added that police know where Robert is, but declined to give any information about him.

Denise has now been added to the National Crime Information Centre’s database which lists those thought to have been in danger or gone missing against their will.

Police released this picture of what he could look like with a smaller beard to jog people’s memories(Photo: N.H. State Police)
And an image of what he looks like with no beard (Photo: N.H. State Police)

Police are appealing for any information from those who knew her between 1976 and 1981.

They also wish to speak to her high school classmates or neighbours in the area around Hayward Street, Manchester.

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