Police Release New Photos of Kurt Cobain’s Gun

Police Release New Photos of Kurt Cobain’s Gun


In response to a public records request by CBS News, the Seattle Police Department released new photographs Thursday of the shotgun Kurt Cobain used to kill himself in 1994. Prior to the release, the gun had never been seen publicly, with the exception of some crime scene photos that offered a partial view. Cobain was found dead still holding the shotgun. Conspiracy theorists have fueled a rumor that Cobain was actually murdered and the gun melted down in order to destroy evidence of a cover-up by the Seattle PD. The new photos refute that theory, as they were taken recently and show the gun being held by cold-case homicide Det. Michael Ciesynski.

Ciesynski is the current detective of record on the Cobain case, and he declared in 2014 after reviewing the file and additional evidence that the rocker’s death was correctly declared a suicide. Last year, Soaked in Bleach, a film by private investigator and former LA cop Tom Grant, presented the case that Cobain was murdered and the crime was covered up, using the melted-down shotgun theory as part of its “evidence.” After hearing about the new shotgun photos, Grant told CBS, “I suppose some people will say I am not reliable because I got one thing wrong,” but he still believes the evidence “indicates Cobain was murdered” and that the investigation should be re-opened.


On Thursday, March 17, 2016, Seattle police released recently-taken photographs of the shotgun detectives say rock legend Kurt Cobain used to kill himself on April 8, 1994. Seattle Police Department cold case homicide Det. Michael Ciesynski is pictured holding the weapon in the photos.


The photos show Seattle Police Department cold case homicide Det. Michael Ciesynski, the current detective of record for the Cobain case, holding the shotgun in various positions.


The shotgun hasn’t been seen before publicly, except for certain crime scene photos that reveal a partial view of the weapon.


Cobain’s body was found in a greenhouse room above the detached garage to his home in the upscale Lake Washington neighborhood of Seattle. He was clutching this shotgun.


Despite initial determinations by the coroner and the Seattle Police Department that the Nirvana front man killed himself, a range of fans and conspiracy theorists have refused to accept the death as a suicide.


This photo was among 35 never-before-seen photos released in 2014 by the Seattle Police Department. The photos were released as a part of a re-examination of the case, which concluded again the death was a suicide.


This April 1994 photo provided by the Seattle Police Department shows items found at the scene of Kurt Cobain’s suicide, in Seattle. The image was released in 2014 after several rolls of undeveloped film were processed in a re-examination of the Cobain case.


The box of shotgun shells recovered at the scene. SPD says one of the shells from this box was used by Cobain to shoot himself. This image was released in 2014.


Items at Kurt Cobain’s death scene pictured in an April 1994 photo, released in 2014 by the Seattle Police Department.

Police Release New Photos of Kurt Cobain’s Gun



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They should give it to courtney…maybe it will inspire her. Besides, she already knows how to use it.

I feel nothing for curt. He’s a weak weak loser and shouldn’t be respected as a musician or a person. He’s garbage. (and nirvana sucks IMO) He had a baby daughter. He absolutely crushed her life from the get go with his selfishness. I’d say he deserves to die for what he did…but that’s just crazy.

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