Police Tase, Pepper Spray, And Beat Motorist – Then Charge Him With Assault

Published on Jun 2, 2015 ….. Newly discovered video of a traffic stop has been released. In this encounter, Shawn Hawkins was pulled over by Palm Beach Sheriff’s Officers.

For a few minutes, Hawkins talked peacefully with the cops, when a third officer arrived on scene. Within seconds, the cop slams Hawkins against his van, and then takes him to the ground. At this point, it was open season on Hawkins.

He was tased several times, while the police were using pepper spray on him, and while he is severely beaten. In the end, the cops charged Hawkins with assault on a LEO and resisting arrest with violence.

How can a cop beat you for no reason, THEN charge you with a crime?

Courtesy Toxic Cops / Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department.

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