Policeman Holds Rifle To Handcuffed Suspects Head
 GRAND RAPIDS, MI – A Grand Rapids police officer who resigned during an Internal Affairs investigation had held a rifle muzzle to the head of a prone, handcuffed suspect’s head, police reports show.

The suspect, who had been tasered, was handcuffed, on the ground, when Officer Kevin Penn put the rifle against his head.

“The suspect makes a crying noise, and states, ‘That hurts bro,’ and Officer Penn immediately responds with, ‘Yes it does,'” according to an Internal Affairs report, obtained under a Freedom of Information request.

A body camera worn by Officer James Smith shows the gun against the suspect’s head.

“The muzzle is still pressed against the suspect’s head and Officer Smith tells Officer Penn, ‘All right Kevin’ and pushes the rifle away from the suspect’s head with his head. As Officer Penn moves back, the suspect continues asking what he did and states, ‘Man, that hurted man. …'”

The suspect’s only complaint appeared to center on the use of the Taser but Internal Affairs and Chief David Rahinsky found that Penn acted with unreasonable force, reports said.

Several police sources alerted Internal Affairs about Penn’s actions.


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