Polish Model Spends Tens Of Thousands To Look Like Living Barbie Doll

Polish Model Spends Tens Of Thousands To Look Like Living Barbie Doll –


A Polish model has reportedly spent tens of thousands on surgery to become the ‘First Polish Barbie’, as she proudly states on her Instagram page – which has 110,000 followers.

Anella An is an architect and part-time model who hails from Poznań, western Poland. Following a nose job, the Daily Mail reports that she shelled out 150,000 PLN (around £30,000/$42,000) to have surgery on her lips and breasts.

However, she maintains that her tiny waist is natural.

Credit: Anella An/Instagram

In an interview with a local breakfast TV show, she said: “It came about very spontaneously. It was not planned at all.”

“Everyone has a complex, even small things like hair or something you have to change, and I said that I would like to improve one thing, for example, my nose. And I did it.

“Then I thought about nice breasts and I thought why not, and that was the start.”

Credit: Anella An/Instagram

Speaking about her unique appearanceAnella said: “I like strange, weird, and unique things, maybe because I’m weird.”

She added: “I like people who have something to say, who are charismatic. People who can create something beautiful and are beautiful inside.”

While she claims to be Poland’s first living Barbie doll, she’s not the first person in the world to imitate the look of a children’s toy.

You’ll have no doubt heard of Rodrigo Alves, the ‘human Ken doll’ who is thought to have spent roughly £400,000 ($560,000) on achieving his look – which includes a set of silicon abs.

Other procedures have also included multiple nose jobs, chest implants, a hair transplant and fillers and Botox injections.

The Brazilian native is able to afford the surgery because his grandparents left him with property and he inherited quite a good asset, which is where he makes his income.

The 33-year-old has had virtually every part of him tucked, pulled, cut out or filled since he began his transformation as a young man.

Alves said: “Now I’ve achieved my dream face and body I plan to stop the ageing process using stem cell technology.

“I’ve already had lots of them injected into my face, scalp and bloodstream.

“My aim to always look ageless and maintain my unique looks.

“After all there is no other man or another Rodrigo Alves that looks like me.

“I get a lot of attention due to my artificial looks – but I finally love myself and that is the most important thing of all.”

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