Politico’s Editor Resigns After Posting White Supremacist’s Addresses

Politico’s Editor Resigns After Posting White Supremacist’s Addresses



Michael Hirsh, the national editor of Politico Magazine, resigned Tuesday, hours after publishing the home addresses of a white nationalist leader, CNN reports. “Stop whining about Richard B. Spencer, Nazi, and exercise your rights as decent Americans. Here are his two addresses…” Hirsh posted on Facebook. Spencer is the president of the National Policy Institute and led a conference last week in which attendees celebrated Donald Trump’s election with Nazi salutes. According to the Washington Post, Hirsh responded to a question about what to do with the addresses by saying: “I wasn’t thinking of a f—ing letter…Our grandfathers brought baseball bats to Bund meetings. Want to join me?”


In a statement, Politico editor-in-chief John Harris and editor Carrie Budoff Brown called Hirsh’s post “clearly outside the bounds of acceptable discourse” and a “serious lapse of newsroom standards” that “crossed a line in ways the publication will not defend.” Hirsh had been with Politico since 2014, Poynter reports.


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what would be the opposite of a burning cross in a front yard

Doxxing is always a chickenshit move. If he personally wanted to show up with a baseball bat then that’s his call and he should accept the consequences. Probably a bullet or jail time.

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