Poor Lady Went For An Expensive First Date – Her Date Dined And Dashed

Poor Lady Went For An Expensive First Date – Her Date Dined And Dashed

My mate Pally is on PlentyOfFish because it’s where you go for something ‘more meaningful’. His words, not mine. I think it’s because he’s a technophobe with too much time on his hands who has never learned what it means to swipe right.

Diane Guilmette, from Los Angeles, uses PoF and thought she was on a standard date with a chap who goes by the name of ‘Willis’. She said: “I got a message from this guy. It was really a very flattering message.”

He then suggested a steakhouse, and although she thought it was a bit pricey, agreed to go.

Here’s Willis. Though he’s actually Paul. More on that later.

According to CBS Local, Willis said he had to make a phone call towards the end of the meal, and when the bill came the price was an eye-watering $163. Thing is, he didn’t come back: he’d done a runner.

Listen to her story here.

She explained how the evening went:

“He ordered a lot of food. He had an appetiser. He ordered a steak.

“This restaurant is all à la carte. He even ordered a couple sides, a glass of wine. So he looked like he was really enjoying himself.

“When we got near to the end of the meal, not quite finished, he said he had to go make a phone call.”

After 15 minutes she was confused why he hadn’t returned and went to message him but the savage had blocked her.

But there’s more! When she took to social media to let off steam, she found out the man had done it many times before, and he had a fancy for the high-life and then making a dash for it.

Transpires Willis is actually Paul Gonzales, who is also accused of failing to pay for a haircut, and there are also two pending cases of petty theft to his name. Shithouse.

Let’s hope her next date is far more successful. Good luck Diane (and get Tinder, too).


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Coz of course women never take free meals n drinks all night.

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