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Superhero movies make millions at the box office. The actors in these films are sometimes perfectly cast, while sometimes a miscast role can throw off an entire film. We’re going to list the 10 worst offenders. Even though some of the thespians in this article are competent actors, they were all tragically miscast and were paid millions of dollars to unfortunately destroy the images of iconic comic book characters.

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern
Poorly Cast Superheroes And Villains In Film History, green lantern, ryan reynolds
How in the hell did the Green Lantern superhero get his own movie? “Green Lantern” on screen was a bore and hardly any one took the film seriously — not the fans, writers, director or editors. Reynold’s comedic talents were wasted in this film and it mostly ended up being entirely unwatchable.

Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde
Poorly Cast Superheroes And Villains In Film History, kitty pryde, ellen page
When talking about “X-Men” film series miscasts, few mention Ellen Page’s dismal performance as Kitty Pryde in “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” in which she portrays a young mutant who can traverse through solid objects. Kitty is intended to be the X-Men’s young, cute, and flirty addition, and none of these characteristics were captured by Page, who seemed to have done no research on the character whatsoever, simply acting like she does in every other film. Kitty was Juno if Juno could walk through walls.

Topher Grace as Venom
Poorly Cast Superheroes And Villains In Film History, topher grace, venom
Audiences adore Venom and many were disappointed to hear Grace was cast as the menacing villain. For starters, Grace is scrawny as all hell and Venom is a muscle-y beast, arguably Spidey’s worthiest adversary. While all of the “Spider-Man” movies in Sam Raimi‘s trilogy were a complete insult to the hero, Raimi had a wonderful opportunity to redeem himself with Venom, but instead disappointed us even further. So much so, in fact, that a remake was necessary less than a decade later.

Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet
Poorly Cast Superheroes And Villains In Film History, seth green, green hornet
Nobody would disagree that Seth Rogen doesn’t have much range when it comes to acting. In every movie, he’s the same lovable manchild we’ve embraced since his breakthrough role in “Knocked Up.” This is why people were surprised to find out that the comedian would be playing the lesser known anti-hero, Green Hornet. While he did lose a lot of weight for the role, the movie performed poorly, as did he. Those in charge of casting were wrong to believe Rogen could become something so far from what he’s displayed in film, and as a result, audiences witnessed Seth Rogen in a costume — not Green Hornet.

George Clooney as Batman
Poorly Cast Superheroes And Villains In Film History, george clooney, batman
I may be alone in saying this, but I think George Clooney makes a perfect Bruce Wayne. He’s generous, charismatic, the ladies love him, and he’s crazy rich. As Batman, however, it was as if his portrayal was a parody of the Dark Knight, not unlike something you’d see in porn. Clooney did say “Batman & Robin” was a “difficult film to be good in,” and he wasn’t wrong. It was really bad. I’m sure his castmates — all of whom were horribly cast and should probably make this compilation as well — would agree.

Chris Evans as Captain America
Poorly Cast Superheroes And Villains In Film History, chris evans, captain america
While the movies he’s starred in as the titular character are fantastic, Evans doesn’t seem like the right fit for a leader of Earth’s mightiest heroes. He was arguably the only watchable character in “Fantastic Four,” but that’s because Evans is a pretty boy who can deliver a good joke or two — much like Johnny Storm, not Captain America. This role should have been reserved for a more authoritative actor, somebody inspiring. Evans is great, but not right for Captain America.

Taylor Kitsch as Gambit
Poorly Cast Superheroes And Villains In Film History, taylor kitsch, gambit
Kitsch’s role as Gambit in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is nothing close to what audiences have grown to love about the panty-dropping member of the X-Men. His powers were off, his accent was atrocious, and it seemed as though his appearance in the Wolverine spin-off was more about satiating audience’s hunger for a big-screen adaptation of Gambit than it was about making his appearance work with the story. Kitsch has since been replaced by Channing Tatum.

Tyler Mane as Sabretooth
Poorly Cast Superheroes And Villains In Film History, sabretooth, tyler mane
The only reason Mane was cast, I’m assuming, is because his surname is loosely representative of the character. The actor is relatively unknown, a former wrestler, and portrayed Sabretooth as nothing more than Magneto’s lurching bodyguard with next to no dialogue in the first “X-Men” film — which is also director Brian Singer’s fault. Sabretooth, who in the film looked more like a caveman than anything else, is supposed to be Wolverine’s greatest nemesis — and sometimes ally — who could have carried a film on his own, but that certainly wasn’t the case here.

Halle Berry as Catwoman
Poorly Cast Superheroes And Villains In Film History, halle berry, catwoman
This movie didn’t have a clue. On one end, you have a skintight costume on a sexy actress — great for guys. On the other, you have a tawdry love story coupled with a villain who’s the CEO of a cosmetics empire. Which begs the question: Who the hell was this film intended for? Berry has already ruined X-Men’s Storm for us, so did she feel it necessary to even things out by poorly representing a beloved villain? Evidently so.

Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman
Poorly Cast Superheroes And Villains In Film History, jessica alba, invisible woman
Sue Storm (the Invisible Woman) is a smart, strong, and maternal member of the Fantastic Four. And Jessica Alba is … well, she’s pretty. Unfortunately, that’s about all she brought to the role, thus demoting the only female hero in the film to a mere sex object.




80 % of these actors are perfectly cast but the scripting and direction is where the failure lies

What about Bent Arsefleck in every movie since Brokeback? I didn’t see that, but I can’t think of a better casting choice for the role.

Oh, it seems it was Jake Gyllenhaal. See? It should have been Arsefleck.

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