Pornhub Is Offering $25,000 To The Person Who Can Successfully Hack Its Website

America really is the greatest country on the planet—which we all knew anyway, but this new Pornhub program only verifies that notion.

That’s because the porn site is offering anyone who can successfully hack its website a whopping $25,000 for doing so, actually giving those with hacking skills access to discover bugs on the site and then pay those people for their findings.

According to the press release, here’s what the company’s Vice President, Corey Price, had to say:

“Like other major tech players have been doing as of late, we’re tapping some of the most talented security researchers as a proactive and precautionary measure—in addition to our dedicated developer and security teams—to ensure not only the security of our site but that of our users, which is paramount to us.”

Rather than hire people to find bugs and report them, Pornhub is following the lead of companies like Uber and Google who also do a version of these “bug bounty” programs, giving normal people cold hard cash for tapping into a company’s website—if successful.

Pornhub reports about 60 million visitors per day, meaning we’re all extremely horny people who don’t want our Internet to crash, so this is a solid move by the brand to help eliminate and problems.

I’m no computer genius, but if I get to watch a bunch of free porn while testing out PornHub’s site, I’ll happily sign up!


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