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Pornhub Wants To Give $25K Sex Research Grant To College Students

Pornhub Wants To Give $25K Sex Research Grant To College Students –

Pornhub, arguably the most popular porn site on the planet, is more than just a site that shows you thousands upon thousands of videos featuring your favorite porn stars going at it. They actually do a lot more. Remember when they offered Philly 136 gallons of lube to grease up their street poles? And don’t forget when they helped a best man pull quite the prank on the groom. But now they want to show everyone just how much they care about education and sexual wellness.

The porn giant, according to Maxim, is offering a $25,000 “Grant for Sexual Wellness Research,” and that’s pretty damn nice of them.


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Here is what the gran is about in their own words:

Since launching in early 2017, the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center has become home to hundreds of articles authored by dozens of doctors, counselors and community leaders, all specializing in different aspects of sexual health. Touching on everything from the biological to the social components of sexual life, under the direction of Dr. Laurie Betito, the PSWC prides itself in offering those consulting the site a truly holistic approach to informing themselves on becoming healthier, happier and more responsible when it comes to sex.

It is in this spirit that the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center proudly announces the inauguration of the Pornhub Grant for Sexual Wellness Research. With the goal of supporting crucial academic work, this $25,000 grant has been created with the intention to help find new solutions, answers and methods with which to approach current issues pertaining to human sexuality.

So you get a nice chunk of change in exchange for offering up some solutions that will go a long way into helping folks become more healthy when it comes flopping around naked.

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All you have to do is be in college and submit your research plan by May 1, 2018. But since the majority of college students will be slacking off most likely, you might as well just keep supporting the pornographic arts by continuing to watch free videos of naked strangers.

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