Pornstars Give Tinder Advice That Most Likely Won’t Work

People who get paid to get ploughed probably don’t give the best advice on getting sex for free or just a date.

The best advice seems to not overshare, especially the corny part of your personality. Pictures of stereotypical tourist shit, telling them what you are watching on netflix or how you are a vegan are big faults that should be fixed. Keep the profile general, if you give away too much then what the hell are you going to talk about on a date?

When it comes to Tinder the first pick up line is the hardest but most important part. First impressions are everything, do your best not to screw it up. Just remember that Tinder is a fickle thing, it’s all a numbers game. You can fail the first 50 matches but the 51st may be exactly what you’re looking for. Never give up, persevere and you will be fucking bitches in no time.

If you want more Tinder dating advice then watch the whole video below:




Pornstars Give Tinder Advice That Most Likely Won’t Work

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