Pornstars Read Out Innapropiate Personal Messages

Pornstars Read Out Innapropiate Personal Messages


Now that we’re in a time where we can attempt to contact just about anyone on earth via social media, a lot of celebs find their DMs full of shite.

It’s what it’s for, to be fair, so they have to expect that fans and admirers will send them a message, hopeful that they’ll turn around and go on a date with them or something.

Pornstars are people who undoubtedly get a lot of messages, mainly from men who are yet to flee their bedroom at their mum’s house and eat anything other than Chicago Town pizzas and Pop Tarts. Because of this, the stars of the bawdy world have some very funny messages sitting in their inboxes.

4YallEntertainment alluded to that fact and so asked a handful of adult stars what messages they’d received in the last 24 hours.

Some people are rather misunderstood, like one chap who simply asked Cherie DeVille to add him on Xbox. The guy just wants a buddy to play search and destroy with, bless him.

Mostly, though, it’s blokes hopeful of getting a date, or in one case, marriage.

Can’t blame a guy for trying, can you?

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