Portable Washing Machine Powered By Your Foot

In the summertime, when the weather is hot, activities like music festivals, camping trips, and just plain sleeping outdoors (whether on purpose, or not) become common suit. Needless to say, all this nature-infused revelry can get you funky, and you don’t always have access to a laundromat, or your Mom—so your clothes will turn a little raw. It’s not you, I promise. it’s just the way our bodies were made.

That’s why the Drumi from YiREGO is a godsend to smelly people all over the world: it’s a completely electricity-free, manpowered washing machine that’s approximately the size of a ‘lil trashcan.

2 replies on “Portable Washing Machine Powered By Your Foot”

good idea, just need one that will dry/fold and iron after the wash .

Great if you only have a couple tiny pieces of clothing to wash. And don’t mind the detergent still being in the clothing when it’s done.

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