‘Possessed Doll’ Sold On eBay Is Now Attacking New Owner

‘Possessed Doll’ Sold On eBay Is Now Attacking New Owner


You can tell by looking at it that it’s possessed. Credit: Mercury Press

The doll hit headlines a few weeks ago, after its owner, Debbie Merrick, said the item had begun attacking her husband, scratching him in the night, as well as setting off fire-alarms and taking off its necklace.

Poor Debbie and hubby Cameron, both 50, had to lock the doll in the shed after its night-time antics. But even that wasn’t enough and she ended up putting the creepy bugger on eBay.

Step up paranormal-investigator Lee Steer, from Rotherham, who paid a whopping £866 after a bidding war broke up between interested ghost-fans.

Credit: Mercury Press 

Now, Lee’s dad Paul has said he has been on the receiving end of the dolls fury and also woken up with scratches – the size of the doll’s tiny hand. I guess after paying £866 you’d want it to be haunted.

Thirty-year-old Lee said: “My dad was downstairs in the morning, at this point the doll was still packed away, and he heard like a tapping noise on wood. He said it was a bit unusual.

“Later that day he was watching the repeat of one of our live streams with the doll. I was doing a live stream upstairs in my room.

“Then he said to my mum, ‘My arm’s hurting’. He lifted up his sleeve and he had six scratches on his arm.

Credit: Mercury Press 

“My mum shouted to me, ‘Lee, you best get downstairs – your dad’s getting affected. He’s got scratches on him’.

“It seems pretty similar to the scratches on Debbie’s husband from what I can tell. We have no idea where they came from.”

What do you mean no idea, Lee? You bought a possessed doll with previous for clawing men’s arms.

Lee added: “My dad’s a believer. He’s said he’s not happy with it being in the house.”

And it’s not just scratches, the family have noticed a number of weird goings on, including flickering lights, weird noises and stuff getting broken.

Lee bought the doll off eBay after it got too much for its previous owner. Credit: Mercury Press

He said: “We were putting stuff away that weekend before it arrived and started talking about it, and all of a sudden a picture I have in my wall called The Crying Boy started swinging on its own. We’ve gone months without anything unusual happening and as soon as this doll is mentioned things start happening.

“We did a live stream opening of the doll that 35,000 people watched, and a light I use was flickering, it was like a strobe. It was the first time that had ever happened. And people contacted me saying they could see the doll’s eyes moving.

Credit: Mercury Press

“I’ve used a random words app that some people believe spirits can manipulate, and when I’ve asked it it’s name it’s said ‘Samantha’.

“When I said I really wanted to piss it off, it said, ‘Strike Lee’. If it’s random words, then it shouldn’t be making sense.”

Sounds to me that they overpaid for some dumb shit and now they want to make up for their losses.  so they make up some spoopy garbage so gullible people will buy their dumbass doll.

Fuck that. Burn it.

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