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Postman Pat Has Been Exposed As A Serial Womanizer And Adulterer

Postman Pat Has Been Exposed As A Serial Womanizer And Adulterer

Forget everything you knew and believed to be true about Postman Pat.

Much like previously-beloved golfer Tiger Woods, it turns out that, beneath his wholesome public image, the ginger Royal Mail worker is a serial womaniser and adulterer, who – if your mum lived in Greendale – would likely be on the chirpse.

Postman Pat, real name Patrick Clifton, was exposed on Twitter after one eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed that almost half of the children are red heads, despite being him being the only ginger adult in the village.

Have a look at the evidence here…

Many local children born in Greendale also bear a striking resemblance to Pat, with his short-sightedness giving the game away. It has also been pointed out that Jeff Pringle looks nothing like his son, Charlie.

Who knows what Pat’s wife, Sara, will think of this when she finds out, but it’s pretty likely the old dog will be out on his arse.

Although I guess given his way with the ladies, he’ll probably find somewhere to stay.

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