20-year-old Joshua Hughes from Stockton narrowly avoided going to prison for growing marijuana, the only saving grace being that he was really bad at it.

According to Gazette Live, Hughes’ landlord discovered he was attempting to grow about forty marijuana plants in July of 2015. Hughes had an elaborate setup (not pictured) that included a watering, lighting, and ventilation system that bypassed the electricity meter. Hughes built the setup after watching a how to video on YouTube and claims he was just trying to save money on his 20-joint a day smoking habit by cutting out the dealers.

Originally Hughes was sentenced to six months in jail but Hughes claims that he wasn’t the one who bypassed the electricity meter, and since there was no evidence the grow was for commercial purposes, and even if it had been been, it wouldn’t have mattered because all of the plants died, the judge decided to go easy on him and suspended the sentence.

Hughes is probably thrilled he won’t be going to jail, but his ego is undoubtedly somewhat bruised considering his defense attorney’s strategy was to basically insult his client out of jail time. Duncan McReddie said rather bluntly that Hughes “had neither the wit, expertise or dedication to maintain the growth. It was an inept attempt to cultivate for his own use.”

Even the judge couldn’t help but get a few digs in:

This was an incompetent grow from start to finish.

You may have had high expectations and high ideas, but anyone who seeks to produce cannabis will risk a sentence of imprisonment.

I am suspending it because of your early guilty plea, lack of previous convictions and incompetence.

Harsh, but at the end of the day, not going to jail in exchange for being made fun of in court is a deal pretty much anybody would take.


Pot Grower Avoids Prison Sentence For Being Terrible At Growing Pot

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