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Prankster Convinces Neighbor His Printer Is Self-Aware

Prankster Convinces Neighbor His Printer Is Self-Aware

Anybody who’s watched The Terminator has no doubt, at one time or another, contemplated the likelihood of machines becoming self-aware.

Meaning: a) the majority of mankind will be killed in a bloody war which leaves only small pockets of humans living in underground societies, or b) machines will enslave us, so that in a cruel reversal of fate, humans will be forced to take care of menial tasks and serve our machine overlords.

It’s scary stuff, and I’ve got to admit I probably think about it for a good 20 minutes every time I have a shower.

So, while you might think the neighbor of prankster Blake Messick was being a bit over the top in their response to one of his practical jokes, personally I see exactly where they’re coming from.

Blake decided to play a prank on his neighbor, by convincing his unsuspecting neighbor that his printer had become self-aware, after he realized they had left their wireless printer unsecured.

He sent the following message to them…

Which freaked them out so much that they decided to throw the printer away…

Which he then took for himself…

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the entire things a little deceitful and he should have just owned up to the prank rather than nicking the printer.


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