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Pranksters Drown Out Live BBC Broadcast With Sex Noises

Pranksters Drown Out Live BBC Broadcast With Sex Noises

Tired of hearing about Brexit? A lot of people are, especially some pranksters who decided that the best way to deal with continuous coverage of Brexit on BBC was to completely drown it out — with sex noises. That’s right, folks, some poor reporter had to keep a straight face and deliver some serious news all while some sex sounds blared in the background.

Political correspondent Emma Vardy did her best to deliver the latest Brexit updates while what sounds like a donkey in distress is obviously drowning her out. But no, it’s not a donkey in distress, it’s just some noises that a couple of pranksters decided to play from a van.

Check out the hilarious video below.

This all occurred on BBC Breakfast, so viewers were all entertained with some pretty loud noises in the morning — quite a way to start a morning off.

And people of course noticed the sounds.

Now if only someone can do the same anytime someone from Fox News speaks.


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