Pranksters Film Themselves Catfishing Their Friend Into Thinking A Hot Girl Wants To Bang Him And The Reveal Is A++

*NSFW: Yes there is nudity in this piece, explicit language and a lot of talk of lube, you have been warned*

Teens prank friend and convince him to 'lube up and get naked' to meet female stranger

You’d think your best friends would be the people you can count on, wouldn’t you?

Not if your friends are anything like 19-year-old Craig’s, anyway, who thought it was hilarious to catfish him into thinking a random girl wanted to sleep with him.

Protip: If some random girl hits you up over text and is immediately down to ride your dick off into the sunset, it’s either a prank or you’re about to become the subject of a True Crimes: Homicide episode. In this case 19-year-old Craig was lucky – the texts he got weren’t from Jeffrey Dahmer, but instead from his group of friends came to the conclusion that today would be a great day to start catfishing him. I assume their logic was along the lines of “Eh, why not?” since, well, what other reason is there for a bunch of teens to catfish their friend?

Warning, these bastards are barely speaking english throughout the conversation.  Have fun translating!

Starting off with a flirty text message, Craig’s friends talked him into sending them a semi-nude…

Knowing that this was too good of a stunt to pass up, Craig’s friends managed to catch the entire reveal on film:

Nice prank. But Craig? Nah. That was embarrassing. Dreadful. Horrible. Gut-wrenching – so the next time a random “girl” hits you up lookin’ to make fuck, maybe exercise some discretion, huh?


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