Pre-Diabetic Girl Weighing Over 200 Lbs. Makes Stunning Transformation, Can Now Plank For Six Minutes

Pre-Diabetic Girl Weighing Over 200 Lbs. Makes Stunning Transformation, Can Now Plank For Six Minutes

28-year-old Shawna Fearn was never what you’d call “skinny.” At her heaviest, the mother of two weighed in at 243 pounds and became pre-diabetic, however unlike many people who gain weight later in life due to inactivity, Shawna says that she was “always on the chubby” side. Having grown up drinking soda and eating other fattening foods, she bounced around the 160 pound range for years until she became pregnant with her first child. Over the course of her pregnancy Shawna gained 50 pounds but was able to lose most of it – that is, until she became pregnant with her second child.

However, when she became pregnant with her second child last year, she wasn’t able to shed the pounds after giving birth.

Shawna had started a new job and taking college courses after having her second child, and she found herself mindlessly eating when she was doing homework or feeling overwhelmed.

She admitted that during this time she spent ’90 per cent’ of her day sitting.(via)

Enlisting the help of a trainer who created a meal plan for her, Shawna threw out “all of the Pop-Tarts, pizza rolls, and frozen boxed food” of her house, instead opting to meal-prep healthy lunches twice a week. Strength training also became a 3x a week staple, and she pushed herself to practice “planking every single day for a year” so that her core would become tighter.

After 365 days of practicing, she went from planking for 20 seconds to holding the challenging pose for six minutes.

… ‘The extra time you need to work out and eat healthy isn’t going to magically appear,’ she explained. ‘You have to make time in order to see change.’

… ‘Over this last year I’ve lost a lot of friends, received a ton of rotten comments, [had] rumors spread on “why” I decided to lose weight, and still I continued on anyway to reach my goal of being healthy,’ she wrote.

‘I will not feed into the “I liked you better before” because to be completely honest, I was faking. So, if you liked that, my apologies,’ she continued. ‘I was sad; I didn’t like who I saw. I was in denial that I was slowly killing myself.

Shawna went on to say that the ‘big smile’ she used to have on her face allowed her to ‘blend in’ so no one would realize how much pain she was in from being overweight.

‘There is nothing anyone can say to me about who I am now that will cause me to return to that person,’ she said. ‘To everyone pushing hard right now to become healthy, don’t stop for anyone.’(via)

Shawna is now only three pounds away from her goal weight of 125 pounds, and you have to admit – her transformation is incredible:



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