Premium Service Vs Basic Service

Some things are just worth the extra money


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I went to Kabukis in San Francisco one time and got one of those, petite Japanese girls walking on your back, massages. Totally satisfactory!

In Korea one girl would cut your hair while the other girl would be under the sheet…

LOL, I know what you mean ZBD. I went for a haircut once at Tongdaemun. It was after dinner and the hotel salon was closed so I tried a local barber. I explain I want my hair cut. Sit in the chair. Lady chugs the rest of her hot tea. Chair rotates to the sink for a hair wash. So far so good. She unbuckles my belt and unbuttons my pants. Wait, wut?! Oh, woooooo.

Totally satisfactory service, but my hair wasn’t even cut. I’ve never encountered any other country where this happens, especially when I specifically requested a haircut and only a haircut.

You can imagine some innocent mormon missionary going to Korea and going for a haircut and next week he’s messaging his parents about how he’s dropped out of the church and is never coming home.

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