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Preteen Girl Arrested For Pinching Boy’s Butt

Preteen Girl Arrested For Pinching Boy’s Butt

‘It’s just stupid, just a stupid charge’


A 12-year-old girl in Florida is facing misdemeanor battery charges for—of all things—pinching a boy’s butt in between classes, WKMG reports. According to WFTV, Breana Evans and her friends “were just pinching random people” at Milwee Middle School to see their reactions. She says it’s a game a lot of students play. But one boy complained, and Breana was suspended for “socially unacceptable” behavior. The boy told a school resource officer he didn’t want to press charges; then his mother got involved. She called police, saying she wanted Breana prosecuted for battery, and the girl was placed in a patrol car and hauled off to juvenile detention.


“I feel like it’s just stupid, just a stupid charge that shouldn’t have to happen,” Breana tells WKMG. Her father, Ray Evans, agrees, telling WFTV the charges are “extreme,” “crazy,” and “not the American way.” “Lord lord lordy, what has this world come to?” he tells WKMG. “Kids can’t even be a kid. … She’s 12 years old, she was acting like a 12-year-old child.” Evans says the boy’s mother is being “too overprotective,” and her son “might get some friends” if she loosened up about things.


A state’s attorney for the county says the charges against Breana will be dropped and her record cleared if she completes a 90-day diversion program of classes and community service and passes drug tests.

Preteen Girl Arrested For Pinching Boy’s Butt



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