It’s Pretty Obvious Why Witnesses Were Able To Identify This Robber

Boy, I sure do love crazy mugshots. And that’s why I’ve mentioned a few recently. And if you take one look at Christopher Breaker’s mugshot it will become clear fairly quickly why it was so easy for witnesses to identify him.

The 25-year-old was sought by police for allegedly attempting to rob a Walgreens store in Texas at knifepoint, before jumping over the counter, stealing some food and leaving by pounding on a back door with a fire extinguisher until he was able to escape. Oh, but he left behind the extinguisher and the doughnuts he was trying to steal.

And just five days later police were able to catch him all thanks to how easy it was to identify him. Just take a look at his mugshot.

That’s right, kids, victims were able to identify this idiot all thanks to the thick black lines running down his face. A witness was able to identify Breaker after seeing a previous mugshot of him and of course recognizing his fabulous face tattoo. And this is his newest mugshot.


Breaker was charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony. And in the midst of all this it was also revealed that Breaker is wanted in California for a possible auto theft.

What a great guy!


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