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Prince Was Apparently Hoarding Gold Bars

Prince Was Apparently Hoarding Gold Bars


Prince may have had a little Scrooge McDuck in him. An inventory of the late music star’s assets made public this week by the court handling his estate reveals he had more than $836,000 worth of gold bars, ABC News reports. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Prince had 67 10-ounce bars.


In addition to the gold, Prince’s real estate properties are worth more than $25 million; he had $110,000 in four bank accounts, unclaimed property, capital credits, and cash; and his four companies had more than $6 million in cash lying around when he died. But there is still a lot of estate left to assign value to, including Prince’s 18 or so vehicles, music catalog, musical instruments, jewelry, trademarks, copyrights, and home furnishings.

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