Prince Wanted Obama To Ban Birthdays And Christmas

Prince Wanted Obama To Ban Birthdays And Christmas


Did you know that CNN commentator Van Jones was friends with Prince? Me neither. Apparently the two became close after Jones learned that The Purple One was the source of a large, anonymous donation to a human rights charity the then-attorney/political activist had launched in Oakland. In any case, Jones joined a chorus of the late singer’s friends in GQ to share stories about the late pioneering musician.

“He was very interested in the world. He wanted me to explain how the White House worked,” Jones said. “He asked very detailed kind of foreign-policy questions. And then he’d ask, ‘Why doesn’t Obama just outlaw birthdays?’ [laughs] I’m, like, ‘What?’”


Keep in mind that Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness in 2003, a Christian denomination that forbids the celebration of birthdays and Christmas because of pagan origins. According to Billboard, he was introduced to the sect by Sly and the Family Stone bassist Larry Graham.

Jones then explained how Prince wanted to wage a war on Christmas.

From GQ:

He said, “I was hoping that Obama, as soon as he was elected, would get up and announce there’d be no more Christmas presents and no more birthdays — we’ve got too much to do.” I said, “Yeah, I don’t know if that would go over too well.”

Hopefully somewhere along the line Jones broke down the religious freedoms protected in the First Amendment and concept of separation of church and state.

When the 57-year-old singer passed away in April, Jones published an essay recounting his favorite memories of his departed friend. In addition to Prince’s philanthropic work and dedication to social justice, Jones touched on the Prince’s hidden comedic genius, a talent that became apparent when he hilariously shaded Matt Damon.

“Sometimes we would watch black comedy acts together on his computer, and then he would riff off their routines,” Jones wrote.” He could always make them 10 times funnier — without ever using curse words!”


To be a fly on that wall.


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