Professor Loses It When No One Shows Up To His Online Class – Then He Realizes His Mistake

A college student named Lauren got a furious email from her professor, who had presumably just sent it to the entire class of ingrates. These jerk millennials—isn’t this just so typical?—didn’t even bother to show up for the first day of class.

Not. A. Single. One.

“Today was the first day of class and nobody showed up,” he wrote, under the subject line “disappointed.”

It was an online class.

A fact the professor realized exactly 15 minutes later.

Lauren tweeted the two emails side-by-side, and note the absolutely perfect subject line in that second email.


As the tweet started to go viral, witnesses had questions:

And then they just started feeling bad. Like, remember Paw Paw? The heartbreaking tale of a grandpa who made a dozen burgers for his six grandkids and only one showed up? This is like that.

Because even though the professor wasn’t even supposed to have students in his classroom, he thought he was supposed to have students in his classroom.

And that must have made him feel like a loser.

He probably checked RateMyProfessor.com just to make sure he hadn’t done something terrible last semester. But don’t worry. This isn’t about to become a sad story, because most of the internet is full of unfeeling monsters, so they just made jokes instead.

But wait! Apparently, this isn’t the only academic who’s been burnt by online classes. One professor weighed in with this nightmare-fuel anecdote:

It’s a modern take on the wake-up-and-missed-your-exam dream. Technology is a delight.


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