Professor Panics After Sending Entire Class Inappropriate Email

This is a full panic and the moment everyone wishes they had a do-over button. “Why did I have to hit send before I checked one more time” or I don’t know, maybe not sent an email to an entire college class at 1 AM after copying an NSFW link.

But now we are here. The professor sent it and hit full cover it up mode.

A girl tweeted, “My friend’s professor sent this to the whole class at 1 am….. I’m dying” YEAH YOU ARE DYING IMAGINE THE TEACHER!

This guy lost his mind and his job all in one email.

Here is the first email that went out:

Video #2 re interracial marriage is on the page and here but wait… What is that blue link?

Babes and bitches!?

Should have done the dropbox…

If you follow the link back it is real AF. I know from experience.

Anna is about to get a rush of new fans.

What did the professor do when he noticed his mistake. 9-1-1 email blast back out to the kids!


At least he admits it. Don’t click it people!

It was a classic mixup for the teach. It could have been a lot worse link. This still probably won’t fly with the school board.


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