Proud To Be An American


I was born and raised in Europe (Switzerland). It’s a perfectly fine country in its own right, and I (personally!) believe it’s one of the best countries in Europe for sure.

With that being said, my life changed when I discovered America.

I remember going to the US when I was younger and being amazed at everything I could buy. Everything was so cheap. Not only that, but there was EVERYTHING. Capitalism in the US has created a culture where if you want to sell sweaters for cats, YOU FUCKING CAN. THERE’S A MARKET FOR THAT. I remember flipping a shit when I opened my first SkyMall magazine. America had everything, and I was in shock. I don’t think it’s clear just how excited places like costco made me.

But that wasn’t all.

In my home country, there’s always been this sense of self-defeatism, in the sense that people are extremely realistic and at times pessimistic. You essentially come to terms with the idea that nothing extraordinary will happen to you, sort of, it’s hard to explain. But arriving in America made me realize how different the American spirit is. They were dreamers. The boldest people I had ever met. It was absolutely amazing. Americans aren’t afraid of the impossible, they see it as just another obstacle to surmount. They have this confidence that, while it may lead to mistakes, also leads to the extraordinary, and makes the world go “holy shit that’s incredible.” And in a way, this all makes sense; the people who are today Americans were those who had to tame an entire landscape and survive. They were rugged pioneers and people who clung on to their dreams. This is something that is still see in the American DNA today, and I love it. If you have an insane idea that may change the world, and you believe in it, America is your land. It is the home of the dreamers and shakers. The wildest, most independent minds who refuse to just accept things as is.

And then there’s the whole pride thing.

Americans are SO PROUD of being part of this wonderful experiment and nation that is the United States. American flags everywhere, people saying “God bless America”, and a lot more. It’s amazing. People love and defend this country, and not only that, but to Americans, America IS NOT the government, IT IS THE PEOPLE. In America, pride for this nation isn’t a backing of the government, but it is instead a celebration of the values and ideals set forth by its people and creators. The result being people across the political aisle and of all race and age backing this great country. And it is all so refreshing, to see people so proud of the nation that they have built over nearly 250 years. The best part? Anyone can be an American. “Oh you’re a refugee from south vietnam who barely speaks any english? Welcome to America, my fellow American.”

Then there’s the people. In America I have met friends and people who I never thought existed. Americans were so warm, so friendly, and insanely chill. Don’t even get me started on what my first christmas in America was like. That’s a wall of text of its own. Point being that Americans may get a bad rep, but my god are they friendly, and I have never felt so blessed when realizing all the good people in my life that I have as a result of coming to this amazing country. Thank you so much for that, America.

And then the technology. America, I love you so much. You put a man on the fucking moon. That really should be the end of me trying to convince how insane America is at technology. But why not throw in the internet, the computer, the TRANSISTOR, the first mass produceable car, and so much more.

Then we have the nature. Oh my god. Is there a more geographically diverse country? Let’s see:

-The beautiful waves and beaches of Hawaii

-The tundra of Alaska

-The forests of WA, OR, and California

-The desserts of the west

-The BEAUTIFUL southwestern scenery of the grand canyon

-The great plains of the midwest

-The bayou of Louisiana and the swamps of the south

-The mountains of Colorado and the Rockies

-The beautiful great lakes

-The dazzling American city skylines of New York and Chicago

I am still in awe at how beautiful this country is. Absolutely gorgeous.

Also things that are incredible, but it’s going to take too long at this rate:

-College football

-Restaurant chains like BWW or Chili’s



-Fighting for good in WWII (inb4 revisionist history)

-The hot babes, so many hot babes






-Space Jam

-Silicon Valley

-All the awesome companies

-The fact that every house has a trampoline and pool it seems

-How everyone does sports

-How no one smokes

-How you still have the freedom to smoke if you feel like it because you have RIGHTS

-How much people love their pets





-30 Rock


-Disney World

-much more

This is probably horribly written. But America. I love you so much. You’ve made a lot of mistakes, but you’ve also done incredible things.

When I think about how much I love MURICA

The United States Of Murica

The United States Of Murica

The United States Of Murica

The United States Of Murica

The United States Of Murica

The United States Of Murica

The United States Of Murica

The United States Of Murica

The United States Of Murica

The United States Of Murica

The United States Of Murica

The United States Of Murica


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