Psycho-Bully Toronto Cop Goes “Off The Chart Ballistic”

Psycho-Bully Toronto Cop Goes “Off The Chart Ballistic”


Great…apparently Canadian officers are taking lessons from American officers. Now they’re ready to arrest you for reporting their aggression and damage to private property, or for being intimidated by multiple angry armed men beating on your car with metal inplements.
“Off The Chart Ballistic” is clearly objective…but to a Canadian, I guess, this qualifies.

What douchebags. He clearly didn’t want to ‘help’, he wanted the guy out of the car so he could arrest him, or at least man handle him.
Every day there’s more evidence that the cops are not acting as law enforcement, but are more and more just a gang of angry, power tripping morons that seem to always lose their cool if you question their actions in any way.
It’s disgusting that these daily videos of cops power tripping and abusing citizens have gotten so ubiquitous that I’m at the point where I look forward to the day when someone gets to shoot a cop in self defense, on camera, and not only is not convicted, but isn’t even prosecuted because it’s so clearly self defense. Maybe then cops will realize they aren’t some premier class of citizen with immunity and impunity for their actions.

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I hate the cops as much as the next man, but these two were asking for trouble.

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