Purple Woman Stuns Doctors By Asking For Bigger Breasts For Very Bizarre Reason

A purple woman left doctors looking stunned when she told them that she wanted even bigger breasts.

On an episode of American TV series Botched, the purple woman called Bunny told doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif that she wanted them so that she can carry off the extreme cosplay look.

The doctors were left looking astounded and Dr Dubrow, said: “You’ve had plastic surgery procedures in order that it maximize your ability to do the cosplay kinda thing?”

Bunny responds: “Yes, my first surgery was when I was 18”.

And then she shocks the medics again as she tells them that in her first procedure, she had 850cc implants put into her breasts.

Dr. Dubrow explained to her that breast implants “alone” in an 18-year-old is “pretty controversial”, and then says, “Putting 850cc implants in is downright wrong.”

Bunny’s current large implants caused her severe complications within a year of the surgery, but she still went on to more than double her size by having 2,000cc implants put in.

In the clip, she told them that she had always wanted “the fake, unnatural looking boob look” and said that she wanted even bigger breasts to bolster her cosplay look.

“In [my] world, usually when you see breasts like mine, they are heavily modicated (sic) with additional bras or padding, which is why larger implants would help me achieve the goal of being known in the cosplay world.”



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