Quentin Tarantino’s Notorious Foot Fetish Documented

There was that closeup of Mia Wallace’s feet as she’s walking to the door to greet Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, not to mention the shot her removing her shoes for the dance contest at Jack Rabbit Slim’s. Then there was the shot of Melanie Ralston’s (Bridget Fonda) toes, complete with toe-rings inching towards the rim of the scotch glass in Jackie Brown. The shot of Beatrix Kiddo’s big toe as she wills it to move after waking up from a coma spanning years in Kill Bill.

What would a Quentin Tarantino film be without a lingering shot on a woman’s bare foot. Or say, a woman indulging in an arduous activity, like fronting a rock band or engaging in a sword fight, without the burden of shoes.

Only time will tell if we’re treated to any lingering shots of Jennifer Jason Leigh’s piggies in The Hateful Eight. However, after watching this supercut of all the foot shots from the Tarantino oeuvre edited together by Vimeo user whoispablo, that seems like a sure bet.

We’re also curious if Tarantino offered Leigh a friendly foot massage while meeting to discuss the role, like he reportedly did for foot muse Uma Thurman prior to filming Pulp Fiction.

Quentin Tarantino’s Notorious Foot Fetish Documented


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Is there a single man out there who WOULDN’T have taken his role in Dusk Till Dawn?

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