These QVC Hosts Actually Argued Whether The Moon Was A Planet Or A Star (RIP Science)

The brain geniuses over at QVC (Quality, Value, Convenience) were displaying a line of weird ugly cardigans when host Shawn Killinger and designer Isaac Mizrahi got into a spirited scientific debate on that age old question – is the moon a star or a planet?

…yes. Seriously. These two grown adults argued whether the moon (which you may know is considered “a moon” or “a satellite”) was a star (which it is obviously not) or a planet (which it is also obviously not), and kept going until a production assistant corrected them. Check it out:


If you still can’t believe it, or if you want to really dig into the argument these two actual adult humans had, here’s the transcript:

  1. Shawn KillingerIt almost kinda looks like what the Earth looks like when you’re a bazillion miles away from the planet Moon –
  2. Isaac MizrahiYes, I just squinted at it.
  3. Shawn KillingerFrom the planet, Moon. From THE Moon, looking back at the Earth.
  4. Isaac MizrahiYes, from the planet, Moon.
  5. Shawn KillingerIsn’t the Moon a star?
  6. Isaac Mizrahi No, the moon is a planet, darling.
  7. Shawn KillingerThe sun is a star – is the Moon really a planet?
  8. Isaac MizrahiThe Moon is a planet, honey.
  9. Shawn KillingerDon’t look at me like that – the sun is a star!
  10. Isaac MizrahiIt’s a planet!
  11. Shawn KillingerIs the sun not a star?
  12. Isaac MizrahiI don’t know what the sun is.
  13. Shawn KillingerThe sun is a star.
  14. Isaac MizrahiWe don’t know what the sun is.
  15. Shawn KillingerThe sun IS a star….the moon is not a planet.
  16. Isaac MizrahiTHE MOON IS A PLANET!
  17. Shawn KillingerI knew it! You were trying to take me down that road – the moon is NOT a planet
  18. Isaac MizrahiExcuse me? Chunky – if you’re listening to me, you have to Google the moon and-
  19. Shawn KillingerI can guarantee you someone is googling right now.
  20. Isaac MizrahiThe moon is such a planet, I can’t even stand it.
  21. Shawn KillingerThe moon is NOT a planet.
  22. Isaac MizrahiWhat else is it if it’s not a planet?
  23. Some Poor Production Assistant Desperately Trying To Explain Basic Science To These Two DunderheadsIt’s a MOON!
  24. Shawn KillingerI believe it’s a star, or it’s something.
  25. Isaac MizrahiIt’s a MOON. It’s a moon.
  26. Shawn KillingerDidn’t you do that thing in grade school where you had to name the planets, and there was Uranis, and there was Saturn, and the one with the rings, and the Earth….the moon is never in there, dude, it’s not a planet!
  27. (Pause)
  28. Shawn KillingerAlright, here look – this is key lime.
  29. Isaac MizrahiI don’t know. I don’t know what it is beside – what is it – a baseball or something? What is it – cheese? C’mon, it’s a planet!
  30. Shawn KillingerI feel like sometimes – though I AM educated – I expose during the show that this “blonde” of mine….could be real.
  31. (Pause, someone whispers what the moon is to Isaac)
  32. Isaac MizrahiOkay it’s a satellite.
  33. Shawn KillingerThe moon is what?
  34. Isaac MizrahiA natural satellite.
  35. Shawn KillingerThe moon is a “natural satellite”? What does that mean?
  36. Isaac MizrahiBut things live on it, that means it’s a planet.
  37. Shawn KillingerIs that what Google said? No, I don’t like that. I don’t even know what it means.
  38. Isaac MizrahiMe neither.

The best moments, in no particular order:

  • Isaac Mizrahi’s condescending terms of “darling” and “honey” when he was trying to correct a silly woman….WHILE TRYING TO EXPLAIN THAT THE MOON IS A PLANET.
  • Referring to a PA as “Chunky”
  • Shawn Killinger at least admitting there was a possibility she was wrong and being self-deprecating, while Isaac Mizrahi dismissively joked “is it a baseball or something?”
  • Neither of them understanding what “natural satellite” could mean AND immediately dismissing the idea
  • Isaac Mizrahi confidently saying “things” lived on the moon (note: nothing lives on the moon)

And now, to restore just a tiny bit of sanity to your life, here’s a cool video of the Moon from NASA:


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