Race Car Shoots Burning Fuel On Innocent Spectators, Sets Them On Fire

When you’re watching a live sports event, there are a few things you hope for.

You hope that the price of concessions haven’t been jacked up too much since the last time you visited. You probably also hope you get a good view and aren’t blocked by anyone wearing a sombrero or viking helmet. Maybe you’ll even catch a foul ball or one of your favorite athletes will acknowledge you during a timeout.

The last thing you’re probably hoping for is being doused with fuel and set on fire. Which is exactly what happened to these fans watching a car race in Australia.

And it’s horrifying.


It occurred at the Red CentreNATS festival, in Alice Springs as a car was doing burnouts for the crowd, when fuel shot out of the automobile and onto nearby spectators getting a closer look at the action. The crowd of 12 was then doused in the fuel and when it caught fire, so did they.

Calm before the storm at Alice Springs Inland Dragway! The strip and burnout pad are looking good for #redcentrenats

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According to The Telegraph, 12 people were transported to the hospital with injuries, including one in critical condition. Reportedly, the accident resulted in two men, a father and son, with burns covering 20 percent of their bodies, including their faces.

“This is a distressing situation, however all patients are receiving the care they need,” the organizers said.

The event ended after the incident, for obvious reasons.


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