When 'social experiments' end up getting you jailed for six years

Conrad Barrett will be spending a long time behind bars.

And rightly so, after he ‘plucked up the courage’ to punch an elderly man in the face and run away, just because he was black.Barrett, 29, filmed the cowardly attack on 79-year-old Roy Coleman, saying before he did it: ‘The plan is to see if I hit an elderly black person, would this be televised nationally?’He fractured Mr Coleman’s jaw in two places and left him with missing teeth after the November 2013 attack in Texas.Barrett has now been jailed for nearly six years after admitting racially motivated assault.

He was arrested shortly after the attack, having shown the video to an off-duty police officer.

After spotting Mr Coleman, Barrett got out of his car, saying: ‘Hey, how’s it going man? huh? How you doing?’ before punching him.

The video was made public by the US Department of Justice.

Roy Coleman

Victim Roy Coleman, 79, after the assault

Mr Coleman’s daughter, Donna McNeal, told KHOU after Barrett was jailed for 71 months: ‘It broke my heart to see someone actually hit my father and actually knock him off his feet.’

She said her father is doing well physically, but not as well mentally.

Authorities have released the shocking video that shows ‘Knockout Guy’ Conrad Barrett punching an elderly black man in the face. The U.S. Department of Justice made public the cellphone video recorded by coward Barrett, who was convicted of a hate crime for attacking Roy Coleman, 79. Last month, Barrett, 29, was sentenced to almost six years in federal prison for the Nov. 2013 assault that fractured Coleman’s jaw in two places. "I have to step up the courage," Barrett says in the video moments before the attack in Houston.

Mr Coleman was punched in the face and knocked to the floor

In a message to the attacker, Ms McNeal said: ‘I forgive him, because you have to have forgiveness to move on with your life. This is not going to define the rest of my life.’



Racist Idiot Jailed For Attacking Black Man, 79, For No Reason

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