Radar Online Claims To Have Audio Of Corey Feldman Naming Corey Haim’s Sexual Abuser

Radar Online Claims To Have Audio Of Corey Feldman Naming Corey Haim’s Sexual Abuser


On Wednesday morning, Radar Online published an item claiming that the reason they have knowledge of teenage Corey Haim’s sexual abuser is because they obtained an audio clip from the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office.

The police recording, taken in 1993 by Sgt. Deborah Linden and Detective Russ Birchim, allegedly has Haim’s friend and child co-star Corey Feldman naming the predator whom Radar Online has characterized as “A-list” and “one of the most recognizable faces” in Hollywood and who victimized Haim “both on-and-off set, in their trailers and at parties attended by other A-list actors.”

“I know what it’s like to go through those feelings,” Feldman says on the alleged audio, “and, believe me, the person who molested me, if this was him that did that to me, this would be a different story.”


Back in May, the 45-year-old Feldman spoke out about how he and Haim had been “passed around” by a pedophile ring in Los Angeles. “He had more direct abuse than I did,” the actor told The Hollywood Reporter. “With me, there were some molestations and it did come from several hands, so to speak, but with Corey, his was direct rape, whereas mine was not actual rape. And his also occurred when he was 11.”

Feldman expressed a strong desire “to name names,” but fears retaliation because of the abuser’s prominence in the industry: “[I]f I were to go and mention anybody’s name I would be the one that would be in legal problems and I’m the one that would be sued.”

Earlier this month, Haim’s mother, Judy Haim, threatened to sue Feldman, “threatening him to stop the lies, or else,” according to TMZ, presumably in response to either Feldman’s interview with THR back in May or perhaps because Feldman is working with Radar Online.

George Harrison accused Feldman of introducing Haim to his alleged rapist and then helping him cover up the assault. The man Harrison publicly accused is Dominick Brascia, an actor/director who could hardly be considered “A-list” let alone what Radar Online described as “one of the most recognizable faces” in the world. Unless, of course, you consider the role of “Young Man” in an old episode of “Knight Rider” A-list.


Brascia elaborated these remarks to Perez Hilton, of all people.

“If he were alive he would talk to you and tell you, ‘No, that never happened’ when he was a kid, instead of believing someone who says ‘I was Corey friend.’”

Brascia defended himself further.

“[Haim] was 14 or 15 and his abuser, whose identity he never revealed, was in his forties. I’m in my fifties. The guy would be 73 today. If you believe this ‘friend of Corey,’ you must believe Corey Haim lied.”

In 2015, Brascia went on record to Radar Online and confirmed the name of an unnamed mentor who molested Haim, although Harrison’s post isn’t the first time someone insinuated that Brascia had an inappropriate relationship with Haim.

From Radar Online:

In the past, there had been speculation that Brascia was one of Haim’s attackers, a charge that was fueled by details included in Feldman’s book “Coreyography.” However, Brascia has vehemently denied the accusations. “People have contacted me accusing me of being someone named Tony in [Feldman’s] book,” he wrote in a rebuttal on the book’s Amazon page. “Fact I have never been arrested or even [accused of] anything illegal.” Brascia told Radar that he also complained to the book’s publisher, St. Martin’s Press, and received an apology that read, “It was neither Mr. Feldman’s nor St. Martin’s intention to identify you, or to publicly accuse you of any wrongdoing.”

As for his part, Feldman has stated that he’s done publicly talking about Haim.



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think this is just feldman saying anything to keep the cameras on him

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