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Raging Grandpa Smashes Dude’s Car Windows With Baton

Raging Grandpa Smashes Dude’s Car Windows With Baton


Dennis Tissington of Alberta, Canada, may be a senior citizen, but that doesn’t mean he won’t kick your ass. According to CTV News, the 67-year-old was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and charged with mischief after shattering Damian Dallyn’s car windows in a dispute over money.

Dallyn was trying to collect money for landscaping services rendered when Tissington hulked out on the car.

In addition to the glass shattering, it’s a little unnerving to hear an old man say “You’re gonna be in fucking hospital if you don’t get out of here.” Aren’t Canadians supposed to be polite?

“I don’t even know what was really going through my head at the time of him pulling a weapon out and coming at my car,” Dallyn said. “As soon as he hit my first window I was in shock, I was spitting glass out of my mouth.”

Dallyn also said that he has cuts all over his face including the inside of his nose resulting from picking the shards out of his nostrils. He also claims that he was parked on a public road when the carnage went down.

Tissington was apparently acting as an enforcer on behalf of his step-son, Tyler Stojan, who owns the Vision Homes contracting company. Stojan posted his side of the story on Facebook. Here’s hoping that Stojan is paying Tissington’s legal expenses.

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