The Raging Ranting Racist Chicago Woman Who Went Viral At Michaels Had Another Meltdown At Coffee Shop

The Raging Ranting racist Chicago woman Who Went Viral At Michaels had another meltdown at coffee shop



Over the weekend, footage of a Trump supporter flipping out at two Michaels employees in a 10-minute long racist rant went viral… If you haven”t seen it yet, here you go:

It looks as though this wasn’t the first time she had a total meltdown at customer service employees (literally the surest sign in the world that you are a complete asshole) as video has surfaced of the same woman screaming at baristas in a Peet’s Coffee in Chicago.

Surprise surprise, there’s a bigoted element to this rant as well, as the woman proves to not only be a racist but also homophobic. Shocking right? “You think because you’re in Boystown you’re safe?” the woman threateningly questions the barista. “This is Chicago. This isn’t your town… You’re the bitch. Do you see where we’re at? You’re literally the bitch.”

“I can stereotype you, and call you something,” she added.

While some people commenting and social media users claim to have worked with the woman and verified her terrible behavior as a regular occurrence, her identity has not been confirmed. We’ll update when we know for sure.

Until then, we’re just left with the smooth dulcet tones of Neil Young. Long may you run, entitled C&#T. Long may you run.


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