RANKED: The 20 Worst TV Shows Of 2016 So Far, According To Critics

RANKED: The 20 Worst TV Shows Of 2016 So Far, According To Critics

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With more than 400 scripted series on television last year, there is no time to waste.

More outlets are creating this TV content, from streaming-video companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu to cable networks increasingly getting into the scripted-show game, like Bravo, E!, and Spike.

But what’s worth your time and what isn’t? In times like this, you should let the experts watch so you don’t have to.

After all, they can’t all be winners.

Metacritic keeps track of a curated group of critics, assigns each review a number according to how positive or negative it was, and then creates a weighted average score for each show.

Here are the 20 worst-reviewed TV shows in 2016 so far, using Metacritic scores.

Note: Only shows that have been reviewed at least seven times qualify for this list.

20.”Shades of Blue” Season 1 (NBC)

20."Shades of Blue" Season 1 (NBC)

Michael Parmelee/NBC

Score: 58

19. “The Family” (ABC)

19. "The Family" (ABC)

ABC/Giovanni Rufino

Score: 58

18. “Angel From Hell” Season 1 (CBS)

18. "Angel From Hell" Season 1 (CBS)

Darren Michaels/CBS

Score: 55

17. “Animals” Season 1 (HBO)

17. "Animals" Season 1 (HBO)


Score: 54

16. “The Ranch” Season 1 (Netflix)

16. "The Ranch" Season 1 (Netflix)


Score: 54

15. “Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life” Season 1 (Fox)

15. "Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life" Season 1 (Fox)

Michael Becker / FOX

Score: 51

14. “The Shannara Chronicles” Season 1 (MTV)

14. "The Shannara Chronicles" Season 1 (MTV)


Score: 50

13. “Lucifer” (Fox)

13. "Lucifer" (Fox)

Michael Courtney/FOX

Score: 49

12. “Second Chance” Season 1 (Fox)

12. "Second Chance" Season 1 (Fox)

Sergei Bachlakov/FOX

Score: 47

11. “Of Kings and Prophets” Season 1 (ABC)

11. "Of Kings and Prophets" Season 1 (ABC)


Score: 47

10. “Rush Hour” Season 1 (CBS)

10. "Rush Hour" Season 1 (CBS)


Score: 46

9. “Bordertown” Season 1 (Fox)

9. "Bordertown" Season 1 (Fox)


Score: 46

8. “Shadowhunters” Season 1 (Freeform)

8. "Shadowhunters" Season 1 (Freeform)


Score: 45

7. “Crowded” Season 1 (NBC)

7. "Crowded" Season 1 (NBC)

Vivian Zink/NBC

Score: 45

6. “Flaked” Season 1 (Netflix)

6. "Flaked" Season 1 (Netflix)

Adam Rose/Netflix

Score: 43

5. “The Passion” (Fox)

5. "The Passion" (Fox)

Michael Becker / FOX

Score: 40

4. “Heartbeat” Season 1 (NBC)

4. "Heartbeat" Season 1 (NBC)


Score: 37

3. “Damien” Season 1 (A&E)

3. "Damien" Season 1 (A&E)


Score: 37

2. “Fuller House” Season 1 (Netflix)

2. "Fuller House" Season 1 (Netflix)


Score: 35

1. “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” Season 1 (CBS)

1. "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" Season 1 (CBS)

Darren Michaels/CBS

Score: 28


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List is missing the walking dead and House of Cards. Both shows have been terrible this year.

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