Ranking The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Gang In Order Of Depravity

Ranking The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Gang In Order Of Depravity



Kidnap, Nazis, and Murder, all topics that have, in some way or other, featured in FXX’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Featuring a gang of potentially the worst humans in existence as they try (and fail) to run Philadelphia’s worst bar, Paddy’s Irish Pub. It has become popular worldwide for being one of the darkest, yet somehow still funniest, sitcoms ever.

Although they consider themselves ‘friends’, the gang are constantly scheming against each other and think nothing of manipulating, back-stabbing and even traumatising each other to win even the shallowest of victories. They are all egotistical, vain, and frankly deluded individuals who ultimately only deserve each other’s company.

Their lives are each beset by a trail of destruction of both other people’s property and lives. From their former high-school classmates to their business rivals, nobody can escape their constant plotting and subsequent immoral acts.

Despite the entire gang being, in many ways, sick and depraved individuals with no hope of redemption, after carefully reviewing their actions throughout all 13 seasons, it is possible to rank them in order of who is the worst.

5. Charlie Kelly


The self-proclaimed ‘King of the Rats’ is definitely the most endearing of the gang, with his illiteracy drawing constant criticism and his janitorial job consisting mainly of degrading ‘Charlie Work’, it’s hard not to feel at least some sympathy for him.

Whilst he does engage in many disgusting habits, such as eating cat food to aid sleep, and having a penchant for huffing all manner of substances in order to get high, his tenacity and spirit must be admired. He has been shown to be both a talented musician and playwright and out of all of the gang has proved to be the most empathetic, especially where his mother, Bonnie Kelly, is concerned.

However, despite this empathy, Charlie has shown to display some semblance of depravity especially when it comes to The Waitress. Not only in his constant harassment and stalking of her, but also to those who threaten their ‘relationship’. This is best demonstrated in Charlie and Dee Find Love, in which he seduces Ruby Taft, a member of one of Philadelphia’s wealthiest families, only to humiliate her at her own party after revealing he was only using her to make The Waitress jealous.

Depravity Rating: 3/10

4. Ronald ‘Mac’ McDonald


The self-appointed ‘Sheriff of Paddy’s’ and the inventor of the ‘ocular pat-down’, Mac is often the most aloof of the gang and considers himself to be the brains behind Paddy’s, often very-limited, success. He is shown to have frequent delusions about his body and life in general; considering his weight-gain to be ‘cultivating mass’, believing that he is a martial arts expert, and being heavily in denial about his sexuality for much of the series.

His depravity usually manifests itself as a result of his perceived Catholic faith, for example in Charlie Wants an Abortion when he joins a pro-life group in order to sleep with a woman he then pressures her to have an abortion when she claims to be pregnant. He also has a brief relationship with pre-op transsexual, Carmen, but following her gender reassignment surgery, vocally believes her subsequent marriage to be against God’s will.

His sexual exploits have also led to him betraying his friends, such as sleeping with Dennis’ prom date and blaming it on his former best friend resulting in Dennis holding a decades-long grudge and also dating The Waitress without regard for Charlie’s obsession with her.

Depravity Rating: 5/10

3. Deandra ‘Sweet Dee’ Reynolds


Despite being the only female in the group, Sweet Dee is still just as depraved as the rest of them. As well as not being considered part of ‘The Gang’ by the other members, she is constantly fighting against their shared belief that ‘females are inferior’ and has gone as far as dressing up as a man to try out for the Philadelphia Eagles along with the rest of the gang.

As well as her bartending role at Paddy’s for which she is constantly criticized for her inability to mix basic drinks and persistent rudeness to customers, resulting in the bar being named the ‘Worst Bar in Philadelphia’. Dee also considers herself to be both an actress and stand-up comedian despite her crippling stage fright rendering her unable to do either of these effectively.

Dee possesses only one female friend, Artemis Dubois, however she constantly is constantly drawing her into her schemes and belittling her. Despite this, most of her depravity is saved for the multitude of men she dates throughout the series. From transforming her former high school classmate, Matthew “Rickety Cricket” Mara, from a priest to a homeless crack addict to breaking up the marriage of her high school crush Bill Ponderosa.

Depravity Rating: 6.5/10

2. Frank Reynolds


Dennis and Dee’s legal-but-not-biological father Frank was once a wealthy and successful businessman. However, following his divorce and subsequent acquisition into the gang, his behaviour has become increasingly debauched and has been shown to lack any type of moral compass.

Most of his morally bankrupt schemes involve his ‘children’ in some way. Perhaps his most disturbing came in Charlie’s Mom Has Cancer, during which, in response to Dee claiming he is losing his memory, he convinces them their mother’s coffin is full of money causing them to dig it up the corpse of their dead mother’s corpse.

Frank’s inhumane treatment of human beings extends beyond his own family, with him regularly displaying immoral behaviour towards his romantic partners. In Frank’s Pretty Woman, he attempts to marry one of the many prostitutes he uses and when she drops dead, leaves her body in a hallway. He was also involved in a brief relationship with Bonnie Kelly and forced her to have an, ultimately failed, abortion which is heavily implied to be the reason for Charlie’s birth. However, Frank strenuously denies this fact.

Depravity Rating: 8.5/10

1. Dennis Reynolds


Sweet Dee’s twin brother and self-obsessed narcissist Dennis is by far the most depraved out of the gang. With his questionable attitude to women and his clear delusions of grandeur which are present in almost every situation, there is absolutely no doubt that the depth of his depravity knows absolutely no bounds.

Dennis is often shown to be willing to do anything to sleep with women and has even developed his own D.E.N.N.I.S system of seduction to lower their self-worth and manipulate them. He is also a sexual deviant, with a habit of recording all his sexual encounters on tape and owning a kit full of zip-ties and other restraints in the boot of his car. Most disturbingly however is his belief in ‘the implication’ in The Gang Buy a Boat, which was his idea that women will sleep with him on the boat because they fear for their lives.

He has ruined multiple women’s lives throughout the series, most notably Maureen Ponderosa’s who, after their brief marriage and subsequent divorce, used plastic surgery to transform herself into a human cat.

He is also prone to extremely aggressive outbursts such as shouting, “I AM UNTETHERED, AND MY RAGE KNOWS NO BOUNDS!” to a man attempting to buy his car and threatened to kill or maim other members of the gang multiple times throughout the series in response to very minor provocation.

Depravity Rating: 10/10

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