Rare Access To The US Atom Bomb Test Site


Building The Atom Bomb: We take an in depth look into one of the most secretive facilities in US history.

Since 1951, the US Government has tested almost a thousand atom bombs at a site in Nevada nicknamed “The most bombed place on Earth”. In this report we gain rare access to the classified site.

“We do things here, for the nation, that we can’t do any place else”, says one employee at the Nevada Test Site. For many Americans, the bomb is a source of national pride; a sign of US military prowess and a crucial component in their national defence. However, creating such a powerful weapon on home soil has not come without cost, and the extensive testing of radioactive weapons has seriously damaged local communities. As one local explains, “the legacy of the Nevada Test Site is heartache”. This Guardian and ITV report offers a fascinating insight into the history of the world’s most powerful weapon, and the effect of its creation on home soil.

The Guardian & ITV – Ref. 6567

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Rare Access To The US Atom Bomb Test Site

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