Real Estate Agent Messes Up Listing – Exposes Her Affair


This is my kind of real estate listing. I bet they would get more traffic to their sites if they always included sex tapes with each house.

People say the smart cheaters never get caught. They are still scumbags but find ways to stay scummy and keep on cheating. This lady was not as sly.

You could blame it on technology, the app, or fat fingers. In the end, you cheated and got GOT BITCH! The dude she was cheating on her husband with was probably not expecting the ass blasting he got when his sex pic leaked online.


Here is how it all went down. The real estate agent uploaded the new pics from her iMac at home. Nothing crazy about that. The listing posted but when she checked it on her phone some of the pics were the wrong size.

She quickly uploaded the pics from her phone to the app. With a few extra…


She added not one, not two, but FOUR pictures from a private home video with a guy who was not her husband!


To make everything worse, she was rushing to get the images fixed since she was heading to poor reception. So the images stayed up for a hot min!

How hot? 4 hours! Which when you think about it is a long time and a lot of people looking in a hot housing market. Not to mention EVERYONE WITH THE APP with a price range falling in that category got a notification of the new listing. AKA her sex tape pics.

She is still a real estate agent but got her Redfin account suspended.

No word if her and her husband got a divorce. I am willing to bet you all $5 he took his shit and bailed after this one.


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