Real Life ’40-Year-Old Virgins’ Have Details To Share…

Real Life ’40-Year-Old Virgins’ Have Details To Share…



Not everyone can be lucky in love. Below are some stories & tidbits about folks who’ve not been able to put it all together in bed.

NOTE: Though older than the majority of virgins, not everyone on this list is actually 40 or older. But that doesn’t make their pain any less real.



I know a 34-year-old who has never even kissed a girl. Crippling social anxiety. Also hung up on a girl from 15 years ago who has never been interested. I saw a pretty tipsy girl come onto him at a bar once and he almost jumped out of his skin. He was noooot having that shit.



A friend of mine is 39 and has never lost it.
He’s super religious, has had girlfriends, but never got married or anything so he never had has sex.

Normal, beer drinking, playing video games, going to bars, and traveled the world sort of a guy, decent looking but not great (he’s maybe a little out of shape but I wouldn’t call it ugly)
Thing is he wants to be married before sex and also has super, weirdly high standards.
Like now that he’s his age he still won’t settle for anything less than a Kate Upton that’s ultra Christian.



I’m nearly 42. Never did it. Just a combination of what I now realize is probably asexuality, an introverted nature, a preference for my own company, disinterest in sex and the soap opera of a relationship…and a rather nice vibrator collection. I have toyed with the idea, off and on, of hiring a male escort but…eh. Maybe as a 50th birthday present to myself. I suspect I have better things to spend my money on.



I know one guy who has a micropenis and is physically unable to have sex. Shame too because he’s decently good looking and funny, makes out with a lot of girls, is 6’3 etc. Completely normal.
Only know he’s a virgin due to him admitting it to me when he was drunk. He’s late 30s.



37yo, so don’t quite meet the criteria, but I don’t see anything changing in the coming years, so here goes.
Was a geeky kid, didn’t really fit in. By highschool, I was already kind of a lone wolf, with only a few long-term friends from childhood.
Couldn’t initiate small-talk if my life depended on it.

Focused on school, then college, then work. Made some new friends at college but didn’t really keep in touch once we graduated. Same with work friends.
By age ~20 I’ve already given up on any romantic aspects of my life, and just consigned myself to school/work.

Did well for myself. Several years later relocated to a different country for work and lost touch with my last remaining friends.
At my age most people have families, so its hard to make friends. I have acquaintances. sort-of.
And that’s how you get here.



I had a virginal coworker in his mid-fifties. He told me he had never had “marital relations”. Average looking guy, but embarrassingly cheap (made decent money too), evangelical Christian, always tried to talk to gorgeous women in their 20’s who were completely out of his league, but he considered that his type. I’m sure he expected his future wife to be a virgin too. Went online for a bit, but only ran into scammers. As someone who had been dating for years unsuccessfully, I felt bad for him.



A Coworker is 51, never had a girlfriend nor had sex.
Nature has been a jerk to him, he’s an uglier version of Danny De Vito, with strabism none of the acting abilities.



It’s a mixture of anxiety, depression, low confidence, and just plain not taking chances due to freezing, not realizing I had a chance etc.
At 37 it’s a lot more difficult to meet people. What with working, I find myself drained of energy a lot of the time and then the anxiety about going to dating events etc has overcome me on several occasions. I’ve only been on one speed dating event which actually wasn’t too bad on the night but I generally get put off because I don’t see myself as having much of a chance in meeting anyone. The only women that have shown interest are generally those I’ve worked with for a while, but where I work now is limited.

A few women have in hindsight been interested, but I was not really aware of the signals at the time, and they have tended to make the first move as I haven’t got the balls/confidence to do so. It’s generally been on the last day of work etc so I don’t see them afterwards and then have been too ashamed to follow up. I don’t actually think I am a bad catch that much – I have some issues like a bit lazy, low confidence etc – but I have a good well paid job, am a good height, generally get on with people, no aggressive tendencies etc. I tend to be more awkward around women now because I am ashamed of still being a virgin, so it’s now more of an uphill battle.



There is a guy named Buddy who works at a BP down the road from me, he’s got to be 40 and one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met on this planet, just about all my friends and I will go out of our way for this gas station because we love him so much. One day we got to talking and he told me that he has never had sex, had a girlfriend or eaten meat in his entire life (Pretty clearly religious reasons but I didn’t ask). Still, the dude radiates positivity and genuinely cares about every single person he meets, just goes to show that having sex and finding a lover isn’t essential to living a wonderful life.



I lost my virginity at age 40. I had opportunities but just didn’t realize them at the time. Girls would come flirt with me but I would just freeze and my mind would go blank. I am very shy and quiet. I sometimes think I am autistic but have never been diagnosed or tried to get diagnosed. I always thought something was wrong with me and I knew I wasn’t ‘normal’. I also didn’t drink a lot or party.

I invited a co-worker over to watch a movie one night and she is also very quiet and shy. I let her take the lead and let it happen. That was 2 years ago and we are engaged now.



My brother is 39 and a virgin.
Honestly? I think the reason is that he’s disgusting. He never cleans and basically leaves trash everywhere. He’s also morbidly obese and is a recluse. He rarely leaves the house unless he absolutely has to. He’ll let things in his home go to absolute fucking shit. Don’t even try to imagine his bathroom when he lived by himself…

He has a lop-sided ego. He seems confident and secure depending on the subject, but in regards to his eating problem and body he hates himself and thinks he’s disgusting. He never wants anybody to see him naked because he’s deathly afraid of what they’ll think.



My brother got his first girlfriend aged 38. There is hope for everyone.

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