REAL Shocking Evidence Of Alien Life On Earth


Since the beginnings of recorded history we as humans have been obsessed with the idea of what is waiting for us beyond the stars and eagerly grasping after any signs of life beyond our narrow view. Beyond the intrigue of what might be waiting for us outside of our atmosphere comes the terror of what may already have been here. Cave drawings in Eurasia dating back 10,000 years accurately describe the “the Greys” of modern day alien abductions, earlier this year a bizarre fireball illuminated the skies of southern California and every year hundreds of people world wide claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings. While many of these claims are dismissed each year as simply being the rantings of the mentally ill, what if even one of them is telling the truth? What if a dozen are? What if beings from beyond the stars really are coming to Earth and testing humanity, probing our progress and seeing what we are capable of? Could this be scouts preparing a species for war or simply scientific curiosity? Just what is it about our hypothetical extermination that gets our interests peaked and our blood pumping? What deep seeded fears nestled deeply within our lizard brain have us eager to fabricate conspiracies of total annihilation?

REAL Shocking Evidence Of Alien Life On Earth

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