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A Record Number Of Condoms Have Been Dished Out At The Winter Olympics

A Record Number Of Condoms Have Been Dished Out At The Winter Olympics

A record 2,925 athletes from 92 countries will be competing at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea over the next few weeks, and officials apparently want to remind everybody that with such a large crew coming in for the games, they don’t have room for anybody else.

Just how are they doing that? You guessed it – they’re dishing out a record number of condoms.

According to Time, more free condoms – 110,000 to be exact – at the Olympics “will be doled out at Olympic Village and other venues at the 2018 competition than any other previous Winter Olympics.” That comes out to a grand total of $93,370 worth of jimmy hats that will average out to about 37 dick domes per athlete.

A company called Barunsengkak donated 100,000 of the rubbers while the Korean Association for AIDS Prevention donated the other 10,000.

If you think Olympic officials are going overboard with the jimmy hat distribution, think again. American swimmer Ryan Lochte once said that 70 to 75 percent of Olympians are humping each other, so yeah, you might as well promote wrapping it up.

On a side note, it’s good to see that the South Koreans are doing whatever it takes to make sure everybody is safe on all fronts. Imagine if the Winter Games would have been taking place in North Korea instead. Safe sex would be the least of their concerns, as after a week of eating food that’s been fertilized with human shit, athletes would let their tapeworms do the racing for them while they watched on television from their hospital beds.


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