The Red Shamrock: The Best Drinks For New Year’s Eve And Week 17 NFL Picks

Ah, the second major drinking holiday of the year is upon us. New Year’s Eve 2016 is this Saturday and you may be questioning why I call it the second major drinking holiday. That’s because I consider St. Patrick’s Day in March to be the first. With the increase in pub-crawls and newly found Irish ancestry among U.S. citizens on that day although Halloween is starting to make a case for a major drinking holiday.

 In all seriousness, Boston could make every holiday a major drinking holiday

So what are the best drinks for a New Year’s Eve bash? Obviously to each his own, but this my unofficial list with recipes. Before I start listing them out, please be safe if you are celebrating this New Year’s Eve. Don’t drink and drive (and with Uber and Lyft, do you really have an excuse anymore?) and most importantly; never, ever forget the Taffer rule.

The Gin Martini (the classic)

The Red Shamrock prefers Hendricks or Beefeater for his Gin Martini and a lemon twist

The Hypnotic (for the ladies)

A smooth drink for the ladies that some restaurants will throw a glow stick in for that rave affect

The Whiskey Sour (for the vintage party attendee)

The Red Shamrock learned about Whiskey Sours during his first forays onto Bourbon Street in New Orleans

The Long Island Ice Tea (for those committed to not remembering the next day)

They say the Long Island Ice Tea gets you lit; The Red Shamrock can vouch for this first hand

The Moscow Mule (for those who want a little spice for their night)

 Simple and tasty and expensive for restaurants whose customers steal their copper Moscow Mule mugs

A Glass of Champagne/Sparkling Wine (the traditional closer)

Not a cocktail, but the way most people will end the night.

The Red Shamrock prefers to use Champagne/Sparkling Wine as a mixer in a cocktail

Really, you can enjoy these beverages anytime, especially with the NFL playoffs coming up. Enjoy this week’s picks.

This week’s picks (home teams in CAPS)
Ravens -2.5
Texans +3
Panthers _6
COLTS -4.5
JETS +3.5
Cowboys +4
Saints +6.5
Cardinals -6
Chiefs -5.5
49ERS +9.5
LIONS +3.5

Last week: 7 – 9
Season record: 120 – 109 – 11 (.521)

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