The Red Shamrock: Super Bowl LI Pick And Fun Prop Bets For The Big Game

Well here we are. The last football picks column of the NFL season. One game left and it is a game that will be seen by millions across the globe. We’ll get to the pick here in a bit, but I thought it would be cool to focus on some other types of bets during the Super Bowl, the prop bet.

Many of you reading this probably don’t remember the Bud Bowl. No worries, our props will look at this Sunday’s big game

The proposition bet, or prop bet, are bets that are not usually related to the outcome of a sporting event, but could be related to events within the game itself (which is what we will be looking at in this column). You can bet on who scores first, if there will be a safety, how many catches, yards, touchdowns, passes player X will have. Endless possibilities. Prop bets don’t even have to take place within a sporting event. You could make a prop bet for a weight loss challenge, how many more pushups you could do compared to your friend, how many drinks it will take to you to pass out during the game, I could go on forever. Or you could listen to champion poker player Phil Ivey explain some of his crazy prop bets.

No way the Red Shamrock would accept a no drinking prop bet

Got it? Time for some interesting prop bets.

The too late to bet this since the column is published in the afternoon bet:

New England or Atlanat wins the Super Bowl and Puxsutawney Phil sees/does not see his shadow (various odds)

Various odds here for this self explained prop. You pick a team to win or lose and then if Puxsutawney Phil to see/not see his shadow. Odds range from +130 (wager a dollar to collect $2.30) as high to +450 depending on which options you select.

 Never drive or wager angry

The anger Gary Smith over La La Land bet:
New England loses the Super Bowl and La La Land does not win Best Picture at the Academy Awards (+1200)

This is an interesting bet to me. My cohost of The 80/20 Movie Show (proudly sponsored by, Gary Smith, hates New England almost as much as I do. But he loves La La Land. He’d never make this bet, but a $20 bet will win you $260.

The real reason Gary loves La La Land

The break your cherry betting on the Super Bowl prop bet:
How long will it take Luke Bryan to sing the National Anthem (-120)
You can bet on him going over 2:09 or under 2:09 (that’s minutes: seconds).

Gun to your head. Which one grew up to be Jason Aldean and which one grew up to be Luke Bryan?

The break your cherry betting on the Super Bowl prop bet part two:
New England or Atlanta wins the coin toss (-110)
Coin will land either heads/tails (-105)

A good way to get your feet wet but not very rewarding. One dollar nets you a $1.90 return for betting on which team wins the coin toss.

The so what Lady Gaga is performing at halftime bet:
Lady Gaga’s first song at the halftime show will be (various choices) (various odds)

This could be a fun one, but the site I utilize gives you 10 songs to choose from with Bad Romance (-125) as a favorite and Telephone (+2000) as the long shot.

One guess of who is a secret Lady Gaga fan. Just one

We’ve just touched the tip of the spear with some of these. Time to move on to the actual game.

The emotionally charged trying to sum up my Super Bowl pick bet:

The Patriots have been on fire all year playing a cake division schedule while Atlanta played in an equally weak division. Everyone is high and mighty on the Falcon defense over the last couple of weeks and New England’s defense has yet to face a real test. Atlanta has the best offense in the league this season and many will point out that New England is not that far behind. New England has never played in a Super Bowl decided by less than four points while Atlanta fell to Denver in their only championship game appearance. The Falcons rely on speed offensively and the Patriots defense will not have a difficult time getting past the mediocre Falcons offensive line. Both teams have been on fire in the playoffs, but Atlanta has looked like the offensive juggernaut from start to finish while it has taken Tom Brady and company a couple of quarters to get the machine going against better teams. New England is the favorite (-3). A vengeful Belicheat and Brady looking to stick it to the NFL for the four game Brady suspension over deflategate.

Fuck the New England Patriots! Fuck’em to hell!!!

Can I let my pure hatred for the Patriots cloud my judgment with my pick here? You bet your sweet ass I can. Matt Ryan will be the NFL MVP this season and his offensive weapons indoors on artificial turf should more than make up for whatever defensive scheme the Patriots come up with. I do suspect a close game (think Rams v Patriots from Brady’s first Super Bowl win, or really all their Super Bowl wins) but I just feel like it’s the Falcons time to shine in this one. I’m taking Atlanta (+3) and I will probably also bet on an Atlanta outright win and the under for total points scored which is set at 58.5.

The Red Shamrock will do anything to rationalize any other team but New England winning this year’s Super Bowl


The Red Shamrock’s pick: Atlanta +3

Enjoy the game.

Last week: 0 – 0
2016 Playoff record: 4 – 6 (.400)
2016 Regular season record: 126 – 119 – 11 (.512)
2016 Record (total): 130 – 125 – 11 (0.508)

Pat Himes aka The Red Shamrock is a huge fan of sports, movies, poker, and fake sports betting. He is also cohost of The 80/20 Movie Show podcast with Gary Smith, which you can listen to for guy humor, movie reviews, and additional fake sports betting picks at You can interact with Pat on Chaostrophic by hitting him up on the comments section with him on the threads under his handle, Dalux247.

We at Chaostrophic would love to thank The Red Shamrock for all of his hard work this season and congradulate his winning season of NFL picks.  We have greatly enjoyed his weekly NFL column and wish him great success in the future.  We are looking forward to a great Superbowl!  I hope everyone agrees with Pat and puts their money on ATL!


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