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The Red Shamrocks Week 7 NFL Picks, FWFB

The Red Shamrocks Week 7 NFL Picks, FWFB

Week eight of FWFB (Fun With Fake Betting) has Pat making some adjustments. He’s decided to pull a Costanza and go opposite on some of his thinking. Watch this week’s episode below.

You can contact the show via e-mail here (put FWFB in the subject line). Watch the show tape live on the 80/20 Movie Show YouTube channel on Wednesday nights. You can watch all episodes on The 80/20 Movie Show YouTube Page.


Last week: 4-6-0

Season: 33-37-0


Last Week: 5-7-0 (0.458)

Season: 41-43-3 (0.489)

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